Not a crocus

Just now I have two little bulbs in flower that look like a crocus. And they’re not colchicums either. They are sternbergias. The genus sternbergia contains eight species, all found around the Mediterranean or in central and southwest Asia. The flowers are generally yellow (S. candida has white flowers) and most flower in the autumn […]

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Difficult to get hold of

Some plants are easy to come by¬†and others are inexplicably difficult. I’m not talking about the ones that are tricky to propagate or provide a slight challenge to the grower. There are also some that are so popular that they sell out quickly, with a long waiting list for a potential purchaser. The ones I […]

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Somewhere in the dark there’s you

We think of bulbs as flowering in the spring, but there are some that have adapted to bloom after the heat of summer but before winter steps in. As August slips into September, the first of them are putting in appearance, but this time I am highlighting one for dry shade, that most difficult of […]

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