Early to Rise, Early to Bed

Some people are early risers; others are night birds. There is no difference in the plant world as some make use of the early light or moisture in their native environments before retreating for the remainder of the year.

Adonis amurensis is a small bulb from northeast Asia, where it grows in cool, moist, humus rich, acid soils in woodland shade. Very hardy, it emerges in early spring or even late winter, with ferny foliage closely followed in the true species by yellow, single flowers.

Adonis amurensis - 2015

The foliage continues to expand after flowering but the plant goes dormant by early summer, so be sure to mark its position to avoid disturbing it later in the year. It increases very slowly, either by seed sown as soon it is ripe, or by division immediately after becoming dormant.

Several named forms of A. amurensis have originated in Japan, ranging in colour through various shades of yellow to orange. There are also hybrids, some of which have A. amurensis  as a parent. But I prefer the simplicity of the single flowered form and enjoy its early contribution to spring.



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