Weigela middendorffiana

Weigelas. Shrubs with red or pink flowers (or occasionally white). Growing to about five feet and flowering in June. Right? Well yes, but not this one.


Yes, it’s a shrub. Yes, five feet or so is the usual height. but it flowers at the end of April and into May. And the flowers are yellow, pale yellow, often with orange or red markings inside.

Weigela middendorffiana (close-up) - 2016

Weigela middendorffiana is native to parts of Japan and northern China. It likes a position in sun or part shade, with a fairly light but moist soil. What it doesn’t like is an exposed position or cold winds. Shelter from late frosts is also appreciated, and I have found a west facing position to be the best spot for it. Slow initially, mine is now growing lustily and regular pruning immediately after flowering is required to keep it from outgrowing its position.


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