Do not adjust your set

We think of bulbs flowering in the spring, but there are many that have evolved to bloom at other times of the year to cope with the local climate. In the Peloponnese in southern Greece, crocuses, colchicums, cyclamen, sterbergias and even a snowdrop flower in the autumn months to take advantage of the rain after a summer baking.

Galanthus reginae-olgae is the snowdrop,. and its time of appearance is very dependent on the local weather conditions. This can vary between mid September and late November here in the UK. It is similar in appearance to G. nivalis, but prefers a sunnier spot with better drainage (to replicate the conditions in its native environment). I twice planted bulbs in light shade and never saw them again, but a brighter position in a raised bed has resulted in it blooming this autumn. Several variants have appeared, giving galanthophiles more opportunity to part with their cash, but I am just as happy with my standard form of this small flower.


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