Black and White (or pink or blue)

Three years ago, I decided to renovate the planting in my front garden. Over the years, it had grown into a mish-mash of plants with no overall theme or pattern, things I had seen and liked, but which somehow didn’t ‘work’. It was all too bitty with nothing of stature to pull it together. The […]

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When is a hedge not a hedge?

“Garden rooms” are in the “in” thing with garden designers. Big plot? Make it seem bigger by dividing it into garden rooms. Long thin plot? Disguise the length by dividing it into garden rooms. These garden rooms are all very well, but what about their “walls”? You could put up a fence or trellis and […]

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Glad all over

Gladiolus – those brash, showy, top-heavy spikes of flowers, often seen at flower shows but rarely in gardens these days. Well yes, there are those, but there also the specie gladioli, smaller, more subtle, and sometimes hardy enough to be left in the ground over winter. Growing from corms, gladioli are found inĀ Asia, Mediterranean Europe, […]

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