Getting it wrong

While some plants pine away and die in our gardens, others become a pestilential weed. They either have roots that run, sending up new growth anywhere there is space or among precious neighbours, or are prolific self-seeders. Or worse still, both. Plants that are intent on world domination, starting with your back yard.

I have been waging war on cardamines. Members of the brassica family, these include the pestilential weed, hairy bitter cress. So perhaps I should not have been surprised to find its relations almost as troublesome. The first to make itself too welcome was C. trifolia.

Cardamine pratensis 'Flore Pleno' - 2015

Flowering in April for me, its neat clump soon spread in all directions and seedlings turned up several feet away, even in a raised bed of small and precious bulbs. After several attempts, I think it has gone.

Now I have turned my attention to C. pentaphylla, a pink-flowered relative.

Cardamine pentaphyllos - 2015

Not so rampant but just as keen to multiply when my back is turned. It is now down to one small clump but I must get it out before it sets seed and sets off on its travels in my garden again.

Ranunculus ficaria ‘Brazen Hussy’, a form of celandine with glossy purple foliage, allium triquetrum, the three cornered leek (where did that come from?), lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’, the golden creeping jenny that spread under the fence from next door – all unwanted ‘guests’.

Perhaps some plants should be sold with a health warning?


2 thoughts on “Getting it wrong

  1. In my area the three-cornered leek is the worst – impossible to get all those deep-seated, tiny bulbs out of our heavy clay soil. Good luck!


    1. I’ve got it coming up in the cracks between paving so there’s no chance of getting it out from there either. I just hope that frequently removing all the top growth will eventually weaken it


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