Pile them high

Does your garden run out of steam by the time August comes around? Or does it hang on until the schools start in early September? While foliage colour can be spectacular at this time of year, there is no reason why flower power should wane.

Asters are the stalwarts of the autumn garden, but don’t just plant one or two, dotted around – group half a dozen together to create an intense block of colour. From early September, this grouping has been giving me colour for over a month

Autumn border (asters) - 30th September - Copy

These asters have now been renamed symphotricums, which is a pity because the name is ugly and unmemorable; I suspect they will be known as asters for a long time to come. They are all novi-belgii varieties, ranging in height from one to two and a half feet (30 to 75 cms).

‘Chequers’ is the tallest and has the deepest coloured flowers, and comes into flower a few days before the others. ‘Heinz Richard’ is the pale pink one o the left, while ‘October’ carries white blooms. This variety does not appear in the RHS Plant Finder, but was bought from a seller on EBAY. The deeper pink at the front of the group is ”Jenny’, a divison from elsewhere in the garden, while ‘Helen Ballard’ is the taller variety with bright pink flowers at the back of the group.

On a grey, drizzly autumn day, I can still pretend it’s summer with this splash of colour.




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