Music to my eyes

If I asked you what Franz Schubert is most remembered for, you would probably say his Leider (songs) or his Unfinished Symphony. Certainly his ninth symphony is my all time favourite classical piece of music. But in the garden, he has also given his name to a border phlox, and it’s a real cracker

Phlox paniculata 'Franz Schubert' - 2019 - Copy

Phlox paniculata, or border phlox, is a native of the eastern and central United States and eastern Canada. Many varieties have been bred, varying in height, flowering time, and colour of the blooms. All require moisture in the soil; dryness at the root leads to unsightly mildew on the foliage although newer varieties are better at resisting this.

Not as tall as some. P. p. ‘Franz Schubert’  grows three feet tall with fragrant flowers, “enchanting pinkish lilac, fading towards the petal edges and white at the centre” according to one website. It prefers a position with a little respite from full sun, and appreciates heavy feeding in early spring, just as growth commences. What sets this variety apart is the length of flowering period which starts in mid July and continues into the second half of September if deadheaded. Add in good disease resistance as well and you have a good, trouble-free plant for summer displays.



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