Clematis x aromatica

Visiting other gardens is a good way to get ideas, see plants used together in new ways, or even discover plants you haven’t seen before. Clematis x aromatica falls into the last of these categories

Clematis x aromatica - 2019 - Copy

Flowering from June to September, this is a plant that earns its place, not for the size of its flowers, but for its fragrance and the longevity of its flowering performance. Although it will grow in part shade, it is better in a sunny spot when the fragrance will be stronger. This is a scrambler rather than a climber so may need a little help in finding its support early in the season. Growing four to six feet tall, it is ideal threading its way through a spring flowering shrub to add colour later in the year, but choose something with light coloured foliage to allow the blooms to stand out; I grow it through the blue-leaved berberis temolaica, but grey leaves would be equally suitable.

This is a Group 3 clematis requiring cutting back hard in early spring. I also give it a general feed and mulch the roots at the same time, but this is the only attention it needs all year. Just sit back and enjoy the fragrance




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