More Autumn Blues

Last month, I wrote how blue is not a usual colour for flowers in the autumn. How wrong I was. Perhaps I’ve subconsciously been seeking them out, but blue flowers are all over the place in my garden just now – the vitex I wrote about, salvias, ceanothus, and aconitums. But possibly the bluest of […]

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Big and Blue

Blue is not a common colour in the world of flowers, especially in late summer and early autumn. Most shrubs have flowered by now as well, so to find a large blue-flowered shrub at this time of year must be considered a bonus. Welcome to vitex agnus-castus. According to Wikipedia, it is also known as the […]

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Dependably Late

When American plant hunter Dan Hinkley was searching near Wolong in Sichuan Province, China, he came across what he thought was a new species of buddleia. Not unlike. B. lindleyana, it carried grey-green leaves on stems up to ten feet tall. Only later was it identified as rostrinucula dependens, a member of the mint family. […]

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