Dependably Late

When American plant hunter Dan Hinkley was searching near Wolong in Sichuan Province, China, he came across what he thought was a new species of buddleia. Not unlike. B. lindleyana, it carried grey-green leaves on stems up to ten feet tall. Only later was it identified as rostrinucula dependens, a member of the mint family. […]

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Weigela middendorffiana

Weigelas. Shrubs with red or pink flowers (or occasionally white). Growing to about five feet and flowering in June. Right? Well yes, but not this one. Yes, it’s a shrub. Yes, five feet or so is the usual height. but it flowers at the end of April and into May. And the flowers are yellow, pale […]

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“One for sorrow, two for joy …” begins a rhyme about magpies. But the solitary magpie in my garden has been giving me joy for over ten yeas now – stachyurus ‘Magpie.’ Stachyurus are shrubs of woodland, flowering in early spring before the leaves emerge. The pale yellow blooms look like a cross between a […]

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