Cold weather – what cold weather?

We are in the midst of what the media are calling “the beast from the east.” While it is cold (by British standards) and we are getting a little snow, it will only last a for a week and is nowhere near as inhospitable as the month of cold weather we endured at the end […]

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A Rainbow in December

Those of us with acidic soil have the advantage of some of being able to grow the best spring-flowering shrubs and trees – camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons. For those with less favourable conditions, even smaller varieties can be grown in ericaceous compost in large containers. But there is a camellias species that means you don’t […]

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It’s a fuchsia Jim, but not as we know it

OK, it’s not really a fuchsia, but the common name is Australian fuchsia. And it makes a good title for the blog, paraphrasing Star Trek’s Captain Spock. Correa backhouseana is a¬†winter flowering shrub you are unlikely to find in any run-of-the-mill Garden Centre; mine came from a small nursery stand at an RHS Show last […]

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More Autumn Blues

Last month, I wrote how blue is not a usual colour for flowers in the autumn. How wrong I was. Perhaps I’ve subconsciously been seeking them out, but blue flowers are all over the place in my garden just now – the vitex I wrote about, salvias, ceanothus, and aconitums. But possibly the bluest of […]

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Big and Blue

Blue is not a common colour in the world of flowers, especially in late summer and early autumn. Most shrubs have flowered by now as well, so to find a large blue-flowered shrub at this time of year must be considered a bonus. Welcome to¬†vitex agnus-castus. According to Wikipedia, it is also known as the […]

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Black and White (or pink or blue)

Three years ago, I decided to renovate the planting in my front garden. Over the years, it had grown into a mish-mash of plants with no overall theme or pattern, things I had seen and liked, but which somehow didn’t ‘work’. It was all too bitty with nothing of stature to pull it together. The […]

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Blagging a place in the garden

There are some plants that just cry out to be planted in your garden, flying off the shelves of the Garden Centre as soon as they appear. But there are others, much more subtle in their appeal, that insinuate themselves into the consciousness, until you have to go out and find one – just make […]

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