Totally Geum

There is a time in May when the tulips have finished and the early summer flowers have yet to start, the ‘May gap’. For a moist soil, I have found that geums are good for bridging this period. Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ was introduced in 2010, a result of breeding work conducted by a nurseryman in […]

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The thin-leaved peony

Outside the front boundary of my garden was a strip of grass. By a quirk of history, part of it belongs to me and part to the local council. Being a plantaholic, my part is no longer grass but now contains plants that revel in the well-drained soil and full sun it offers. Of these, […]

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Some like it pink

According to Wikipedia, “Trillium is a genus of perennial flowering plants native to temperate regions of North America and Asia.” They are distinctive plants as everything comes in threes – three leaves, thee calyces, and three petals. Flowers come in a variety of colours – red, purple, pink, white, yellow, or green.¬†Being woodlanders, they enjoy […]

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The sweet smell of success

Plants need to get their flowers pollinated to reproduce. Some do it with bright displays while others use scent to attract pollinators. To our noses, there are good scents and bad scents, but to a flower, it’s the right scent to attact the right insect to add reproduction. Many of the aroids need flies and […]

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When an idea comes together

The soil in one part of my south-facing front garden is heavy clay. Although most sources state that hemerocallis need a “moist but well-drained soil”, several different varieties having been growing here quite happily for more than ten years. In an attrmpt to extend the seaon of interest, I added some narcissus ‘Tete-a-tete’ a couple […]

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An unlikely berberis relative

We all know berberis shrubs, often big unruly monsters with vicious thorns (which we rapidly discover when trying to reduce them to a more manageable size). But within the berberidaceae family is the genus gymnospermium, comprising twelve members. These are small plants growing from a tuber, flowering in early spring. They are native to temperate […]

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By George, he’s tough

All keen gardeners look foward to the new year with a sense of anticipation. Early spring¬† sorts the optimists from the pessimists – those who look foward to the first blooms, welcoming the frontrunners in the flowering calendar, and those who decry their precociousness, heaping doom and destruction from the fickle weather on their temerity […]

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